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Product Description

Combining the usefulness of a high-intensity flashlight with the protection of a stun gun, the StrikeLight is a useful device for everyday civilian self-defense. The TASER StrikeLight stun flashlight makes the perfect addition to your glovebox or as a discrete self-protection tool on late-night hikes and neighborhood dog walks. The light’s high-voltage stun both startles and repels attackers, providing you with added comfort and safety.

Powerful 80 Lumen Flashlight – helps you find your way (or your keys)

Stun Gun Capabilities – keep attackers at bay

Loud Stun Arc – scare away animals and attackers

Rechargeable Battery – up to 5 hours of light, and 100 5-second stun cycles

Crenellated Bezel – sharp strike-face packs a painful punch

TASER Trust– experience why we’re the first choice for Law Enforcement

What's in the box:

One TASER StrikeLight Rechargeable battery

Wall charger

Wrist-strap for secure carrying


Length: 8.2” (20.8 cm) Height: 1.4” (3.6 cm) Weight: 0.6 lbs (270 g)